We will be examining Matthew 507 and being cultivated, grown and matured as followers of Jesus .

What are you angry at?

July 14, 2019

Who are you Influencing?

July 7, 2019
Who are you Influencing? As Salt and Light we are reflecting Jesus to those around us. This is done through goodness and kindness.

Odd Sorts of Blessings

June 30, 2019
Jesus challenges his followers to a different set of measures of success and values.

How do we Recover from Devastating Events?

June 16, 2019
David shows that he has learned some important lesson while in Exile. We would do well to understand and learn these same lessons in or after a devastating event in our lives.

Ho do we find our footing?

June 9, 2019
We can trust the Lord to work in us and through others in adversity. We may even be a blessing to another in adversity.

How do We Repair Broken Relationships?

June 2, 2019
Absalom engages in a number of wicked and political acts to become king. David is aware but seems to fail to act on a number of occasions.

May 26, 2019
What Displeases the Lord? Understanding that sin is more serious that we like to believe.

Sometimes You Guys Just Don’t Get It

April 14, 2019

How Do We Receive God’s Blessings?

April 7, 2019

Who Do We Serve?

March 31, 2019
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